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Kids&Us Mataró

At Kids&Us we're all ready for the new school year. Are you?

Published 09/09/2019 by Kids&Us Mataró

At Kids&Us, we love going back to school and for several weeks now we have been working on getting everything ready for the start of a new school year. Once again, we are enjoying the thrill of beginning a new term, the excitement of seeing our classrooms and corridors filled with dreams and smiles… and we wouldn't swap it for anything in the world!

For the Kids&Us schools, September is synonymous with starting afresh. And as always, we do it with the same excitement as the first day, with new challenges ahead of us and knowing that we have the formula for the boys and girls to learn English which is rich, precise and versatile. The adults of tomorrow will not be stopped by a language. They already have all the potential they need, and at Kids&Us, we have the tools to help them to fulfil it.

Over 150,000 students across the world

We start the new school year 2019-2020 with over 150,000 students in a constantly growing network that consists of 487 Kids&Us schools in 9 different countries: Andorra, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Morocco, Mexico and Czech Republic.

All that remains for us to do now is to wish you all -families, students, teachers, coordinators and directors- the very best for the coming school year.

Welcome to the academic year 2019-2020!

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