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Kids&Us Mataró

At Kids&Us we are reducing the use of plastic in our materials

Published 17/09/2019 by Kids&Us Mataró

Our commitment to the environment and our concern for the legacy we are leaving to future generations drives us to work on reducing our use of disposable materials.

The responsibility and opportunity to reduce the irresponsible consumption of plastics and other single-use materials lies with both adults and businesses. That is why, for the 2019-2020 academic year, we have reduced the use of plastic in the student packs for the courses in the Kids stage by half, and by 95% for the courses in the Babies stage.

Furthermore, we have also reduced the use of plastic in the shipment of our backpacks and shoulder bags to the Kids&Us schools. They will be packaged in packs of 100 units rather than individually as was the case until now.

We will continue working to reduce the use of single-use materials in future academic years. Every step towards protecting the planet is important. Join us in our commitment to the environment.

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