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Kids&Us Mataró

El nostre equip

El nostre equip

El nostre equip
El nostre equip

Preparats per a l’apassionant tasca d’ensenyar anglès als més petits

La nostra prioritat és trobar persones que puguin ensenyar i motivar els nens a aprendre anglès, que connectin i tinguin empatia amb els més petits. Un gran domini de l’anglès, dinamisme, professionalitat, empatia i una gran motivació per la seva feina són les característiques principals del nostre equip docent.

Tot seguit us els presentem:

  • Berta Salicrú

    Berta Salicrú

    My name is Berta and I finished my university studies eight years ago. I studied Eduacation in the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I travelled to London, Canada and Australia to improve my English. I have been working in Kids&Us since September 2009 and when I was given the opportunity to lead one of the schools I did not think about it and jumped into it. I am a creative person who also loves traveling a lot.

  • Marta Triadó

    Marta Triadó

    Hello! My name is Marta. I graduated from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona with a degree in English and Catalan studies and I also have two postgraduate degrees in translation and proofreading. I’ve been working in Kids&Us Mataró for 9 years; first as a teacher and now directing one of the schools. I am a sociable, calm and positive person, and what I enjoy the most of my job is being always surrounded by so many people and help them in all I can.

  • Patricia Medina

    Patricia Medina

    My name is Patricia and I am a graduate from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in English Studies. I would define myself as a dedicated, proactive and passionate teacher with over six years' experience who is always willing to tackle new challenges. Working in Get It as an English teacher and School Coordinator has enabled me to develop both personal and professional skills when approaching any tasks undertaken. Yet, the best part is the opportunity to learn by experience with marvellous colleagues. Undoubtedly, each academic year is an adventure!

  • Carla Calsapeu

    Carla Calsapeu

    Hi! My name is Carla and I was born and raised in Mataró. From a very early age, I've always liked books and that is why I decided to focus my life towards language and literature. A few years ago, after finishing my degree I took a break and spent a year in the UK that helped me realise my vocation were kids and language teaching. Ever since I found my calling I've been working here in Get It- Kids&Us Mataró helping our kids to find their way to express themselves through English, both as a Teacher and as an Academic Coordinator.

  • Maria Herrero

    Maria Herrero

    My name is Maria. Languages and teaching have always been a keen interest of mine. This is why I chose to study English Philology which led me to the field of language adquisition and the importance of learning a language at a very early age. I have been a teacher for twelve years now and lately I have discovered my passion for the little kids and their ease to learn quickly. I have been 5 years in Getit Mataró and Kids&Us methodology really applies the tools needed for a natural adquisition of a foreign language. Besides, I love how kids are motivated and enthusiastic while playing, as well as their performance in class.

  • Judit Serra

    Judit Serra

    My name is Judit and I am a creative person who has a positive attitude towards life. Moreover, I strongly believe that one plus one is more than two, that is, teamwork is essential for me in all areas. I’m good at communication and organising skills. I am a graduate in Journalism and I hold an MA in Communications Management. I’ve worked as a journalist for some years but I love education. I’m part of Get it Mataró family since 2016.

  • Susanna Cunillera

    Susanna Cunillera

    I am Susanna and I am an active and energetic person, always willing to learn new things or views life may bring. I have a degree in Journalism, 3 years of drama studies that, together with my years of English studies, have been really helpful to develop my teaching skills all through the years . My passion for helping kids in their learning process began at a really early age and I love sharing and offering them a way to grow at learning a language. I consider myself to be cheerful, hardworking and committed to my teammates and of course, children. I began working in Get It Mataró soon after they first opened and I am proud to be part of this team, now also as a Teaching Coordinator for the last two years.

  • Gabriela Lampert

    Gabriela Lampert

    I am a native of Southern California, and languages and literature have always been a passion of mine. I graduated with honors and received degrees in Comparative Literature and Art History, along with a minor in Spanish from the University of California. I began formally working in education in 2011 and joined Kids&Us in 2012, and have taught many different levels. I look forward to continue teaching students of all ages, and through teaching show students both the beauty and quirks of the English language

  • Maria Botey

    Maria Botey

    I am considered to be a responsible, active, hard-working and cheerful person. I finished the Psychology degree two years ago and I have just finished a master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. I have been working in Kids&Us for eight years and I have taught many different levels from Mousy to Mysteries 1. I have also worked as an English Instructor during Christmas, Easter and Summer periods.

  • Gerard Garcés

    Gerard Garcés

    I have been working as an English teacher for four years now and I am currently studying a degree in classical piano interpretation. During these four years of experience as a teacher, I have learnt to empathize with the students and what to expect from them, whiIe at the same time acquiring tricks to make the classes more fluent and fun.

  • Carla Meilan

    Carla Meilan

    I like to think of myself as a hustler and a committed worker who is interested in taking new tasks as personal challenges and learning as much as possible from everything and everyone I am surrounded by. As far as my secular experience concerns, I am currently studying and I have been a Kids&Us teacher since 2014. Undoubtedly, working with kids and teenagers has been an intense and incredibly rewarding journey.

  • Marta Ducceschi

    Marta Ducceschi

    I’m nice and funny, but demanding when it’s required. I like giving the best out of me in everything I do, and even more when the kids are involved. I have always loved English since I started learning it at three years old, that’s why years later I have studied English and French Translation and Interpreting. I’ve started working in Kids&Us in 2016 and I’ve been teaching Oliver, Marcia, P&P and B&B.

  • Andrea Rodriguez

    Andrea Rodriguez

    My name is Andrea. I consider myself an easy-going and thoughtful person, and also a good listener. I am a graduate from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Media Studies and I am currently studying Primary Education at the Valencian International University, as I realized my true passion is teaching and working with children. My experience includes working as a teacher, as a leisure time activities conductor, and as a musical singer/performer. I really enjoy music and I love the fact that my job embraces all of my interests.

  • Albert Hita

    Albert Hita

    Hi! My name is Albert and I have been teaching English in Kids&Us for five years. I am currently studying an Audiovisual Media degree. Since I returned from England back in 2013, I became passionate about English and the Kids&Us Mataró family offered me the opportunity of joining them and travel through the magical stages of childhood. During these years I have developed my social skills with children and I have learnt to empathize with them. I am fun, cheerful, friendly and I really love going to the cinema and riding my bike.

  • Paula Aguilera

    Paula Aguilera

    My name is Paula and I am a student of the English studies degree in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. However, not only do I love learning about the English language and culture, but I am also passionate about teaching it and helping my students become comfortable with both their expression abilities and their knowledge of the culture of the English-speaking countries. I have currently been teaching for three years, a time in which I have explored my creativity through dynamic and memorable classes, where I have always intended to create a safe space for all students to feel comfortable and motivated to learn and improve their skills.

  • Anna Fernandez

    Anna Fernandez

    Since I was a child I've been passionate about children and English, so I focused on these areas and started working with babies at an early age. That's why I joined Get It Mataró's team as soon as I had the chance to work with a methodology that teaches through kids' happiness. Kids&us has not only let me teach kids but also taught me that learning should always be fun.

  • Raquel Botey

    Raquel Botey

    Both my closest relatives and friends consider me an organised and responsible girl. I am currently studying the third year degree out of four on Advertising and Public Relations at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. This has been my fourth year as a teacher in Kids&Us. I have taught Marcia, Emma, Sam, Oliver and Animal Planet 1. Moreover, for five years I have worked as an English Instructor during Christmas, Easter and Summer periods.

  • Laia Luzuriaga

    Laia Luzuriaga

    I am an easy-going person, cheerful and I love spending time with children of all ages. I have been teaching English for several years. Currently, I am about to finish my English Studies degree in University.

  • Mar Rodriguez

    Mar Rodriguez

    I started working as a teacher in a language school when I was 17 years old with children of 3 and 4 years old. Right now I am about to finish my degree in primary education in English. I love being with my family, especially with my nieces. I love to travel around the world, my favourite place to visit is the UK. I love going to the cinema and, of course, I really enjoy listening to different types of music.

  • Carla Alcalde

    Carla Alcalde

    I am a responsible, hardworking and positive person. I really enjoy teaching and I prefer working with a team rather than by myself since it is an amazing opportunity to share our brilliant ideas. I have been learning English since I was four and I started working in Get it English last year.

  • Paula Pertegaz

    Paula Pertegaz

    Hi! My name is Paula and I'm currently studying. Ever since I was a kid I've always loved learning new languages and communicating with people. I'm very passionate about teaching and always willing to improve and learn everything I can. I discovered how much I love teaching thanks to some voluntary work I've done during the last two years and it made me realize the magical experience that is teaching!

  • Laura Amoedo

    Laura Amoedo

    My name is Laura and I see myself as a responsible and friendly person. I am really open-minded and I like to learn from other cultures and different people. I have been working at Kids&Us during the 2017-2018 course, and it has been my first time working as a teacher. At the same time, I am studying at the University of Barcelona.

  • Liana Dance

    Liana Dance

    Hello ! I’m a first year teacher at kids and us Matarò, I’m an international native speaker from New Zealand. I am a professional athlete and a teacher is my part time job

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